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Plurality of Expertise, Shared Ethics. Proposition 47 gathers savvy professionals from various backgrounds—communication, law, finance—driven by the same values—teamwork, ethics, durability—to achieve one and only one goal: creating the conditions for your success. 


Elodie Granger and Rubin Sfadj co-sign an op-ed in French newspaper Les Echos

Marie Cochet

Rubin Sfadj, co-founder at Proposition 47, and Elodie Granger, Proposition 47 adviser and Anyon co-founder and CEO, co-signed today with Gregoire Lucas, partner at Image 7, an op-ed in French daily newspaper Les Echos about corporate responsibility and personal data:

"Because we entrust them with sensitive information on our identity, our assets and our most intimate habits—simply put, our lives—, corporations can no longer treat personal data as mere flows of megabytes moving through their information systems."

Rubin Sfadj discusses “uberization” on French radio Europe 1

Marie Cochet

Proposition 47 co-founder Rubin Sfadj was invited on French radio station Europe 1, on Thursday, February 15, to discuss “uberization” and, more generally, the future of the services industry in the context of digital transformation.

Also invited were:

  • Denis Jacquet, entrepreneur and investor;
  • Franck Dedieu, economist and professor at IPAG Business School;
  • Sayah Baaroun, Secretary General of the STC-VTC independent drivers union.

The full debate is available as a podcast on Europe 1’s website:
Grève nationale, pertes financières colossales… l’ubérisation c’est fini ?

Rubin Sfadj co-signs an op-ed in French newspaper Le Monde

Marie Cochet

Proposition 47 co-founder Rubin Sfadj has co-signed an op-ed in French newspaper of record Le Monde calling for the advent of personal data ownership.

Inspired by American researcher Jason Lanier’s thought, data ownership aims at asserting the individual’s property rights on their personal data. As a result, anyone could sell their data to online platforms, or, if they so wish, pay for the services and retain their privacy.

Among the op-ed co-signatories are, under philosopher and GenerationLibre president Gaspard Koenig’s initiative, French Parliament member Bruno Bonnell, former Medef president Laurence Parisot, economist Glen Weyl, and computational scientist Aurelie Jean.


Rubin Sfadj quoted in French newspaper Le Monde about GDPR

Marie Cochet

Proposition 47 co-founder Rubin Sfadj was quoted today in French newspaper of record Le Monde in an article about the upcoming European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Asked about the main changes brought about by the GDPR, Rubin Sfadj declared that the new regulation would force companies to “communicate using a simple, easy to understand language.” Regarding the new compliance framework, he added that companies should “interpret and apply the regulation in a way that best suits them and explain such interpretation.”


Elodie Granger and Rubin Sfadj write an op-ed in French daily L’Opinion

Marie Cochet

Rubin Sfadj, co-founder at Proposition 47, and Elodie Granger, Proposition 47 adviser and Anyon co-founder and CEO, published today an op-ed in French daily newspaper L'Opinion about the upcoming European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In it, they discuss the main challenges involved with the regulation, the maturity level of French companies and the most urgent compliance tasks to be performed.

Proposition 47 announces the release of its GDPR Compliance Guide

Marie Cochet

Proposition 47 announces, in partnership with Anyon IT Services, the publication of its first French-language handbook:

Achieving GDPR Compliance
A Practical Guide
By Rubin Sfadj and Elodie Granger
Foreword by Robin Berjon

Book Description

The European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is about to revolutionize privacy law.

As soon as it comes into force on May 25, 2018, companies will have to reshape their personal data management policy, even outside the EU, as long as they process EU residents’ personal data. They will be required to implement data governance, to secure their systems and to guarantee new rights to data subjects. In case of violation, heavy penalties will be enforced: up to EUR 20 million or 4% of turnover.

This practical guide, the first of its kind in French, aims to support companies by addressing the major issues with GDPR implementation, by offering specific examples and by providing executives with an original, multidisciplinary methodology for their compliance project management.

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About the Authors

Rubin Sfadj is an attorney in the fields of information technology and finance. With a dual American and French legal education, he advises companies in the digital, financial and media sectors at the strategic stages of their growth: governance, fundraising, compliance issues and international structuring.

Elodie Granger is the president of Anyon. After having worked on the digital transformation of the banking sector for IBM France and later developing the IT architecture business unit of one of the leading information systems consultancies in Paris, she focuses her efforts on issues related to cybersecurity, big data and artificial intelligence.

Editor’s Note

Proposition 47 (, an expert governance and strategy firm, offers its clients integrated solutions in law, communication and finance. For this purpose, Proposition 47 brings together within the same structure seasoned professionals from various horizons to serve a single purpose: to ensure the conditions of success by providing a transverse offer on all strategic issues.

Anyon IT Services (, an information technology consultancy, assists blue chip companies and high-potential startups in their digital transformation projects. For its clients, Anyon designs and deploys tailor-made solutions in cybersecurity, massive data processing and agile development projects.

Practical Information

  • Formats: Paperback (184 pages) and eBook
  • Publisher: Proposition 47 (November 11, 2017)
  • Price: EUR 79.90 (Paperback) / EUR 59.90 (eBook)
  • Language: French
  • ISBN: 978-1-9731-8625-0
  • Dimensions: 15.6 x 23.39 cm