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Plurality of Expertise, Shared Ethics. Proposition 47 gathers savvy professionals from various backgrounds—communication, law, finance—driven by the same values—teamwork, ethics, durability—to achieve one and only one goal: creating the conditions for your success. 


Proposition 47 covers all your company’s legal needs.

Corporate and Commercial Law

In order to allow you to focus on your business and your clients, Proposition 47 frees you from the administrative and legal constraints associated with managing your business.

Our specialists in business, labor and corporate law handle the legal aspects of your day-to-day as well as exceptional operations, such as the formation of your company, human resources, the drafting and execution of your contracts and any governance issues.

Technology and Intellectual Property

In an ever-changing economic and legal landscape, innovators, startups and IT services must fulfil the sometimes contradictory objectives of technological innovation and legal and financial sustainability.

Proposition 47 helps you meet this challenge by offering services related to the legal framework for digital activities: drafting your contracts (exclusive and non-exclusive licenses, partnerships, etc.), protecting your intangible assets (non-disclosure agreements, trademarks, patents, copyright), and monitoring applicable laws and regulations (declarative obligations, social networks, etc.).

Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity

Whether you are a founder, a manager, an investor or a minority or majority shareholder, the valuation of your assets is closely tied to ensuring the best possible defense of your interests in your transmission and balance sheet transactions.

Proposition 47’s experience in drafting as well as reviewing transactions both on the target and investor side ranges from mergers & acquisitions to the most complex financial transactions, from venture capital to corporate restructurings, to LBOs and others.

In a globalized economy, companies want to expand their activities abroad, where they face radically different legal and tax systems and an often unfamiliar business culture.

Proposition 47 supports your international development with its expertise in foreign investment—the sale, transmission and acquisition of assets, the incorporation of foreign subsidiaries or corporate immigration—tax optimization, and international distribution—deal structuring, contract negotiations, foreign regulations monitoring, etc.

International Business

When dealing with an unscrupulous co-contractor, former collaborator or competitor, Proposition 47 designs a clear strategy, tailored to your priorities, in order to minimize and manage uncertainty.

Our litigation specialists intervene in all the areas relevant to international business: commercial law (debt collection, abusive breach of negotiations, etc.), labor law (labor litigation, restructuring plans) and intellectual property (antitrust litigation, trademarks, patents, etc.).

Commercial Litigation