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Plurality of Expertise, Shared Ethics. Proposition 47 gathers savvy professionals from various backgrounds—communication, law, finance—driven by the same values—teamwork, ethics, durability—to achieve one and only one goal: creating the conditions for your success. 


From investment research to private equity and public listing operations, Proposition 47 brings you its expertise and network in financial matters.

Investor Research
and Asset Valuation

Finance has never been as crucial in the economic world as in our day and age. In this context, your company needs a competent and trustworthy partner who can provide at all times the financial tools to ensure you have the means behind your ambitions.

Profitability, solvability, liquidity, corporate finance: Proposition 47 brings you the strategic vision and technical support that will allow you to level the playing field with your creditors and investors.

Private Equity

It is often necessary, if not indispensable, to strengthen a company’s equity so as to develop its activities and to accomplish its founders’ vision.

When the conditions are right, Proposition 47 assists young, innovative startups with a strong growth potential in their search for investors and ensuing private equity transactions, allowing them to begin a new phase in their organic growth.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether your are considering selling your business or acquiring the company that will help you met your external growth objectives, professional financial assistance is indispensable, with or without leverage, to successfully complete your transaction.

From the preparation of your documentation to the final closing, through target analysis, offer formulation and the negotiation of each aspect of the operation, Proposition 47 brings you the expertise that will seal the success of your project.

To ensure durable visibility, to reduce cost of capital, to offer liquidity to your shareholders or to diversify your group’s stock ownership, an initial public offering will propel your company into a new financial dimension.

For this reason, such an extraordinary opportunity, when it happens, must be met with seriousness, method and serenity. Proposition 47 studies the relevance of an IPO, its possible structure, and drafts your financial documentation.

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Communicating with your investors represents, whether your are publicly listed or privately owned, a legal obligation as well as a strategic issue. You must convince each shareholder of the relevance and legitimacy of your corporate strategy.

Proposition 47 helps you use your financial status to adopt a proactive and productive financial communication through services such as financial marketing, financial press relations, financial image studies, roadshow organization, etc.

Financial Communication and Investor Relations