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Plurality of Expertise, Shared Ethics. Proposition 47 gathers savvy professionals from various backgrounds—communication, law, finance—driven by the same values—teamwork, ethics, durability—to achieve one and only one goal: creating the conditions for your success. 


Proposition 47 designs your communication campaigns
and produces your content.

Media Planning and Image Strategy

The strategic tool par excellence, a media plan allows you to optimize your presence and control your image in the public sphere.

From design to production and for print as well as digital media, Proposition 47 brings you the experience of communications experts to define and execute of your strategy.

Video Production

In order to convey a message, share a vision or to promote an idea, video remains the most powerful format available, and Proposition 47 has leading know-how in this field.

Your project will be handled by a specialist from design to delivery, writing, direction, production and editing, and post-production.

Internal Communication

Communications are not always outward-looking; the success of your company also depends on its ability to converse with its own teams and customers.

Proposition 47 supports you in this mission and provides you, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, with a whole range of internal communication tools, from the most basic (strengthening company values) to the most complex (designing and launching community media) and the indispensable (information on the workplace).

In the event of an exceptional economic, judicial or otherwise unpredictable situation, your company must put in place, as a matter of urgency, appropriate communications towards various audiences.

Crisis Strategy, Elements of Language, First Steps: Proposition 47 provides managers with the tools, procedures and experience that will enable them to respond quickly and effectively to the demands and pressure of public opinion.

Crisis Communication

In some arenas, public decision-makers and opinion leaders are key players in business development.

On such strategic issues, Proposition 47 ensures, for its customers in France and at the European level, the monitoring of the political, legislative and regulatory frameworks as well as an interface with institutions and regulators and the mapping of opinion relays.

Public Affairs and Institutional Relations