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Plurality of Expertise, Shared Ethics. Proposition 47 gathers savvy professionals from various backgrounds—communication, law, finance—driven by the same values—teamwork, ethics, durability—to achieve one and only one goal: creating the conditions for your success. 

What is Proposition 47?

Plurality of Expertise, Shared Ethics

Photo by Franck-Boston/iStock / Getty Images

Every entrepreneur knows it: the real challenge isn’t to have an idea, but to execute successfully.

Proposition 47 is a collective of experts that offers companies and institutions advice and solutions in communication and media, law and finance.

Proposition 47 brings together seasoned professionals from various backgrounds with a single objective: to ensure the conditions for success by providing an integrated offer on all support functions.

Proposition 47 is an innovative and demanding implementation of interprofessionality.


Our Pledge of Service


1. First, to understand your needs
Each professional at Proposition 47 looks first to understand the client: your mission, your values, your needs.

2. To offer the highest level of service
Our strongest belief at Proposition 47 is that the highest level of service can only be attained at the price of a constant attention not only to the quality of our work, but, at the same time, to our diligence and professional ethics.

3. To ease your decision-making process
By clarifying the issues at stake and by simplifying your decision making-process, Proposition 47 allows you, in an ever more complex environment, to focus on your mission—what makes you unique.


Where Does Proposition 47’s Name Come From?

Photo by alnilam/iStock / Getty Images

In his 47th Proposition, Euclid, the father of modern geometry, proved the Pythagorean theorem.

Proposition 47, as a strategic architect for its clients’ success, draws from this essential tool of builders its three founding values:

Teamwork, because our collective expertise, as we work together towards your objectives, is greater than the sum of its parts;

Ethics, as illustrated by the right angle, a perfect symbol for the constant concern for our clients’ best interest and the absolute prerequisite to performing any task loyally.

Durability, which is the main characteristic of truly serious and scrupulous work, built and delivered with care, with our clients’ trust, and for the purpose of ensuring your success over the long term.